Executive master of open source ERP

The course will be conducted by Asia E university. And the aims of the course is to help students mastering a 1st class community free ERP software Project that fulfills the following:
  • To churn out employer or employable material among graduates to be highly marketable in the contemporary ICT and business applications market worldwide.
    • This is to address the high level of unemployment among 3rd world countries' graduates particularly, even though they possess a valid university qualification.
  • To teach just enough skills and knowledge based on the pareto principle of 20% know-how to handle 80% of the challenges.
    • This is to address the resource constraints of enough trainers and practitioners of ERP applications.
  • To take advantage of the worldwide open community behind open source ERP to gain exposure, experience as well as commercial leads.
    • This is to stand on the shoulders of giants and not reinvent the wheel of progress achieved through open sharing and collaboration.
  • To make the community self-sustaining and profitable for its advocates without compromising the ideals of making Fee Open Source Software (FOSS).
    • This course relies on the open source projects like ADempiere and OpenERP Project which is fully community based without commercial interests.