According to our plan we would like to achieve to a comprehensive system which includes below functions:

 Education ERP System is a complete suite of applications that permits you to automate all aspects of school or college management, including student information system, student grading software, and student billing software or student attendance software.

It permits you to capture, manipulate and present student data in a meaningful manner, generating reports and statistics dynamically. EducationERP provide capabilities for entering student test and other assessment scores through an electronic grade book, building student schedules, tracking student attendance, and managing many other student-related data needs in a school, college or university.
Features of EducationERP
  • Manages your Student Information i.e. Personal, Academic, Contact Details etc.
  • Manages Human Resource Processes such as Employee Leaves, Payroll and Attendance etc.
  • Manages whole Examination Process.
  • Finance Management System
  • Communication Management Module through which you communication with employees and students easily.
  • Management University/ School Assets and inventories easily and properly through EducationERP
  • Manages your library process
  • Manage vehicle, routes and transportation fee structure
  • Manage Student Placement process
  • Manage fest, function or any other events easily and properly

Modules Of EducationERP
  • Student Information Management Module
  • Human Resource Management Module
  • Administration Management Module
  • Examination Management Module
  • Academics Management module
  • Finance Management System
  • Communication Management Module
  • Assets/ Inventory Management Module
  • Hostel Management Module
  • Library Management Module
  • Transport Management Module
  • Student Placement Management Module
  • Event Management Module
  • Committee Management Module
  • Alumni Portal
  • Survey Management Module
  • Infrastructure Management Module
  • Notice Board Module