Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013

InnovaTeam during development of Qt College

VBOX Issue keeps Annoying !

we are still having the same problem for virtualbox as you can see in below screenshot we still couldn't run our VBOX here.

VirtualBox Issue

There was an issue in Virtualbox that didn't allow us to dive into development. During the installation of VBOX (latest version) it showed error and the system crashed !

Thanks to technical guys here who checked the system and they finnaly recommended us to go and download the portable version of it from here:

Source Control is Created

We would like to announce that we created a source control for our project (QT College) in Google code so that you can join to our project now !

You can find it here:

Command-line access

Get a local copy of the qt-college repository with this command:
hg clone

To push your changes, authenticate with your Google Account and your generated password.

Introducing IPXCore as our cloud hosting provider

We would like to inform the community that we have decided to work with IPXcore for cloud hosting provider of our open source ERP for education.

Thanks Shima Mostafavi our team member to purchase a fresh new 

We only have limited time to install requirements such as postgreSQL and python modules and packages for presenting in the AngelHack.

Google Wallet

Hello shima mostafavi,

Thanks for buying from IPXcore LLC using Google Wallet! IPXcore LLC will charge your order soon.

How do I check on this order?
Get up-to-date information about order #942801723211437

Problems with this order?
Contact IPXcore LLC

 Order date: Jun 8, 2013 7:16 PM GMT+8
 Google order number: 942801723211437
 Shipping Status  Qty Item  Price 
  Digital delivery 1Invoice Payment  -  IPXcore - Invoice #12661 - BronzeVZ - qtcollege (06/08/2013 - 07/07/2013) Extra IP Address: None$3.99 
Tax :$0.00 

Table Description

Buy an online VPS for AngelHack

We are in the process of negotiating with a VPS provider to purchase the VPS. 

It is still 6:55 and we have time, I have created an screenshot of the time we still have !

First Draft DB Schema

We are now in social networks.

You may follow us using facebook and Twitter account.

You may click on facebook or Twitter to follow us.

Project is Created

We have created the project in the website and I am enclosing the screenshot of the project.

The project is available in the website and you can access to the information of the project and our progress.

Seyed Mohammd Motahar
Shima Mostafavi
Ahmad Afzalzadeh

InnovaTeam are having lunch

Qt College in AngetHack (24 hours Dev Contest)

We would like to announce that we established a team to work on the free and open source ERP for colleges. 

It's now 3:36pm and we are in Malaysian Knowledge workers development centre to participate to the event named Hacktone.

The event is organized for startup teams to work on their ideas.

Below is the picture from us and we would like to see how we can run this project from the beginning to the end. 

Hope to be successful with this project.

InnovaTeam is Participating in Angel Hack